Wouldn’t it be fascinating to know the ‘beyond a doubt’ truth behind the JFK assassination?

Wouldn’t it be beyond wonderful and amazing, to have chronological timelines on Lee Harvey Oswald, and all the other suspects ( both known & unknown) in the Kennedy assassination?

Wouldn’t it be great to know all the details of the plot to kill Fidel Castro of Cuba? [our CIA?] … and was this one of the main reasons that Kennedy was assassinated?…. the plot failed to kill Castro… and potentially that set the stage, or could have set the stage for Kennedy to be assassinated…. or at least could be ‘partly part’ of the big plan to kill Kennedy….

How about a chronological timeline of the last 10 years of Jack Ruby’s life…. a chronological timeline involving every detail of Lee Harvey Oswald’s life…. his supposed involvement with Russia and whoever else he might have been involved with… possibly the mob…

And what, if any, was Marilyn Monroe’s involvement with the assassination of both John F Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, who both allegedly had an affair with her? ( & how & why did she really die?)…. I mean to know all the things mentioned so far, with no speculation…just absolute truth, so we can put this thing together…. what was LBJ’s involvement?

Finally…. something deep inside of me… tells me, that our own CIA was probably responsible to some extent in the killing of John F Kennedy and possibly Robert…. and back at that time and even now, if that information had gotten out that our CIA that killed our president for whatever the reasons were…. the American people would never have accepted it, and it would have probably brought total chaos to all of our big cities, so they had to control it, even lie about it / a total cover up…. if in fact the CIA was responsible, those in power new that if this got out, it would be a stick of dynamite looking for a light… otherwise why is everything still sealed?… seems the American public does’nt have the right to know the truth about much of anything anymore… visit my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog………….Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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