The new Wizard of Oz starring Joe Biden… Nancy Pelosi… and Chuck Schumer…

Joe sings: ” I could be the next president…yes a White House resident….If I Only Had a Brain… I would overtax the people and burn down the steeple, If I Only Had a Brain”…

Nancy stammers: “People do what they do… but I like to shop for shoes.. and spend a lot of bread… I drive my new car… and stare at the stars…and I might come off as funny, if I could keep my hands off other people’s money and… I Only Had a Heart.”

Schumer talks: “Seems I’ve been in office forever, though it should have been a never…. I’m A well-dressed crook… I talk out of both sides of my mouth and I don’t know North from South…. out of my mouth comes the sewage, and I might do good things for yous… If I Only Had Some Courage.”

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