A Dose Of Reality….

What we see is not everything… what we don’t see is far greater than what we see… the dark people that want to lead / rule this world, want us to see, what they want us to see…

A familiar scripture: “The war we cannot see.”… Ephesians 6:12… although in our physical world we have to deal with the manifestation that starts in the heavenlies and manifests in human flesh; we have to realize that there is a war, and ongoing war in heaven..Revelation 12…. the war will soon arrive on earth… Antichrist and his minions will usher it in… if you believe in the rapture, the church will be gone & the world will go into calamity it has not ever seen… we are feeling the birth pangs and possibly one of the ‘Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse’ in this Covid-19… don’t take my word for it… check out… or google…Fang – chitai… &…Dany Shoham… if you want some real truth concerning SARS… the Chinesr, & the Coronavirus… you will be astonished… the plot sickens… also do you ever wonder why we never can get to the bottom of the JFK and possibly the RFK assassinations?…. as we are understanding some of the dark forces in this world and the people behind them ie: Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Morgan’s, our own CIA… & many others.. we are waking up looking back at some of the JFK speeches…and what was going on in the 60s, and coming to the realization that JFK knew, at that time of what was coming with the globalist agenda, and the New World Order, that my friends is ‘probably’ why he was assassinated…. everything else was a front…….. comment about the Illuminati…and they all seeing eye that is on our ‘dollar bills’ back side… you know the eye in the top of the pyramid…. the Illuminati ( in my humble estimation) goes back to Genesis 3… God commanded Adam and Eve not to eat from the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, and that if they did, they would die… well what did Satan say to Adam and Eve…” God knows that in the day your ‘eyes are opened’ you will know good and evil and be like God”…. and just what is the goal of the Illuminati through their dark forces…. it is domination and ownership of the world…IMHO.. and to overthrow God of course… Satan has been trying since the beginning…his last big push is coming… and it is not going to be pretty…. visit my blog…littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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