Big Question…

Senator McCarthy… concerning the importance of opening schools across the United States…”Can we afford to have one generation that is uneducated?”…..I would further ask…”Can we have a generation that is ‘under’ educated?”….. if you look at the philosophy and direction of the radical left Democratic Party… I think at least stalling… under educating…manipulating, controlling, brow beating, is perfectly fine and actually part of their agenda, to undermine the United States… and this is only the tip of the iceberg……Sincerely, Frank Payon.

Comment: I think we need a ‘super’ generation… super in spiritual enlightenment… respect for God and life… instead of tearing down statues.. we need to return to the wisdom of our founding fathers…. otherwise, how are we going to compete… and contend militarily and economically with the likes of China, and other bad actors that want to control the world?… also we had better pray that God grants us time to repent and sends a spirit of ‘Revival’…. friends there might be small pockets… small periods of peace coming…. we cannot be foolish enough to think that things are going to return to the ‘Life As We Knew It.”…. the Prophecies are plain for all who care to see… right in your Bible that’s been lying around your house collecting dust possibly…. the “Globalist One World System New World Order” is coming… thank God we have the hope of the Rapture Of The Church for believers…. we need to be about the business of studying the Tribulation and Daniel’s 70th week…. not because Believers have to be overly concerned about it…. but through heightening awareness and deep study some might have the scales removed from their eyes and be free…WAKE UP…. I’m just a voice in the wilderness…

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