More From Amir Tsarfati … & Me

” The Democrats and most of those on the far left will convince you that the worst choices are the best and the best choices are the worst”…

” The Liberals also say that there is climate change and it’s because of us humans, so we must not be allowed to multiply.”

“Look at how many states across the United States are now approving the use of marijuana … then understand this… people that want to control us… know that if “they” give the masses all the drugs the people want…they will have their desired control…The above quote by Amir Tsarfati…( paraphrased ) …

“God made everything and gave it to us Genesis 8:22 … look at what He’s done … then look at what we’ve done with what was given to us…the gift of life… the gift of dominion over this earth, over the fish, over everything, and we have completely screwed it up… and yet we cry from the rooftops that we must save the planet…. what a stinking mess…( not all of us)… if you’re one of the bad actors…You Know Who You Are”…. this last quote by me … Frank Payton … visit my blog … littleraventhepoet .blog …

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