Which Of Us?

Underneath our flesh, blood, bone, and sinew… which of us are not monsters?…

Under our breath… what manner of words do we speak, that we dare not utter out loud, for fear that we may be known for what we are truly made?

To what lofty level do some of us arrogantly speak in front of the crowds, the microphones, the cameras… and then behind-closed-doors, shrink into a shameable cowardice?

How could any of us stand… in the revelation that once the makeup comes off…the fancy clothes are dropped to the floor… the $200 dollar haircut has grown shabby… the teleprompter no longer supplies the words… and many are found inept, gross, naked, and alone… hyperventilating to get their next breath… how many of us can stand then, without ashamedly covering our private parts?…

What if your fake smile became permanent and there was no way you could erase it?… even if you said the most serious of things, concerning the most serious of matters, you would still have a stupid smirk on your face, that reveals what you truly are…a fraud… and take note, I call my myself a fraud also… but I don’t plan on staying this way… because I have not yet become what I know I can be…have you?

Which of us can rise above our simple selves… which of us can honestly say that we are not gods… but only created beings that wish we were gods?…

Which of us can understand the heart of God, and realize that life is a gift?… and if you don’t return your gift of a life to God… He quite simply will be heartbroken, but doesn’t need you

How many of your souls will be fodder for the fire…. fodder for a fire that will burn eternally… not because God is an unjust God, but because so many humans cannot rise above themselves and receive the gift of life…. & look into the eyes of God and say, I’m sorry I offended You, … Thank you for my life…which of us even want to be bothered?

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