Sometimes when marveling in the pure peace… that can only come as the sun dips into the ocean… I often wonder… how many more of these sunsets will I be allowed to see?… how many more times will I be afforded the illusion of a sunset…. and it doesn’t really matter so much that the sun only ‘appears’ to rise and fall…& that both before and after becoming aware that the sunset rising and falling is an illusion, doesn’t change the magic of its beauty…

Then again… in the coming New Earth… there will be no sun as we know it in this life…. God’s pure light, whatever form that will come in, will light the world as we will know it…God will be light among other manifestations.

What I would imagine, is that the resurrected life and body will be so grand, we probably won’t have any desires of the past flesh an earth dependent life… we will probably be able to move around at the speed of light, totally unrestricted.

Will I miss the perfect physical union that occurs between a man and a woman as I enter my resurrected body ( and possibly remember the life that was)…. will there be a heart beating in my chest?.. I don’t believe so…. will I be be breathing oxygen?… I’m not sure…

So, I have an expectation, a yearning… a desire for my ‘long home’…. my eternal journey with God….a deep yearning for everything and everyone that will be my heaven…

But still, I can’t think of not being able to see the wagging of a dog’s tail…. the way that mans best friend seemingly smiles at us… perhaps and I hope, we will have something very similar in our heaven.… I believe the animal kingdom will be spectacular and we will observe such marvelous things as the snake and the child playing in the grass…. impossible to imagine such things in this misaligned world… things such as the lamb lying down with the lion…littleraventhepoet.blog

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