Is All The Magic Gone?

Where is the love…. you said was mine all mine till the end of time… was it just a lie?…

Does anyone remember laughter?… does anyone remember sitting in your favorite place on a big city street…or a local town street, and just watching the world go by?

I used to have this thing that I would do with a friend we called it…”Conversations At Large”…. we started this fun thing down in St Petersburg Florida… we would just be walking through the crowd and as the people passed by, we would pick up ‘pieces’ of their conversations… and we would write them down, and then later we would jam them all together like a puzzle… and then read them aloud.. it was totally hilarious…. it was like magic…

Unfortunately, I look around and have to try very hard to find the magic… it seems the world is filled with hatred for the most part… love and acts of kindness can still be found but they are rare, at least in the world I’m observing.

It’s a sad ‘State of Affairs’ in my humble opinion…it seems like a struggle just to survive…. and keep what little bit of sanity remains…. seems there is a spirit of fear most everywhere, and it is being perpetuated by those in power in this country, namely the Congress and the Senate… there is a spirit of division that comes from what I call the the seat of Satanic power.. people that are elected to positions of power,that are supposed to represent the masses, do no such thing, they only represent their selfish agendas… and anyone that gets in their way is either defamed, destroyed, or in some cases murdered….

I believe the seat of satanic power to be in many places, but mainly in Germany and parts of Europe… it’s Nation against Nation… belief system against belief system… black against white… yellow against red… if someone says the sky is blue, there is a contradictory comment that “No it’s yellow.”…. I say to each his own… why do you have to say that you hate me because you say blue, and I say red?… why can’t we see the value of diversity and everyone being different?… if we were all one color or one belief… what a boring world it would be ( at least in the world as it is now configured)…the United States is supposed to be the land of the free and the home of the brave…. and I believe that it still is…. but it is slowly eroding away…there exists spiritual wickedness / & people that want to bring this country down… all of you people that are tearing down statues and burning cities…. where will you go if everything is torched?

Being free…breeds freedom… because if we don’t have freedom how can we have anything else that is not a burden?… a system that is controlled by an elite group of people at the top of the heap… those in power want us all to be the same… that makes the masses easier to control….some would suppress and oppress everything that brings magic to humanity, that brings imagination, that brings innovation, that brings production…. folks we need to return to the magic…. the good kind of magic……

Herman…my squirrel…

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