…. Can you imagine both of them standing there looking at each other…. checking each other out…. and Adam looking at his plumbing and then looking at Eve’s plumbing…. and thinking something like this: Wow… this is a no-brainer, I think I know exactly what to do…Yes!…Yes!…. just look at her I think I know what goes where and so does she….yippee!…. now the way I’ve described it here, is in no way disrespectful to God and what he has created and provided, but could you imagine the enthusiasm that must have taken place… and can you imagine what must have been, the pure love they felt for each other… because I don’t think lust was in the plan at this time… now here’s something else to think about… often times I’ve wondered how God gave us this union of two bodies between a man and a woman… that is so beautiful ….yet he expects a man to be with one woman, and a woman to be with one man, in spite of all the candy that’s in the store… but here I think is some understanding and wisdom… especially for us modern-day creatures…I wonder how many of us have experienced the genuine love that is required for one man to be with one woman and one woman to be with one man for a life time?… I think that God’s spirit being in the union is the only way that experiencing the ‘God love’ could happen…. and if God is not in the union at all… then it is more than likely lust…. or some lower form of what was originally intended…

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