Have you ever thought about the strange predicament we are in as human beings…. think about it… we come of age around 18 to 21… then we are able to be super useful for about 20 or 30 years and then the decline begins… some people live to be way too old and some people die way too young…. but generally speaking on the average our usefulness is very limited..

Then consider the reproductive system and the short time that a woman has to actually reproduce… and men are only actually sexually procreatively productive from about 18 to 38 or so… of course this is just averages…. and then really stretch your mind and compare our lifetimes to eternity…. if eternity has no end.. then our short little lives here on earth comparatively speaking…are less than one second in duration of time… now you have to think about that a little bit… don’t discard it…because it’s true… again…that is comparatively speaking…

Va Beach…2020

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