Yes ma’am could I have a menu…Ok… I wants me some hog balls..maws…and jowls,wit Black Eyed Peas… I want to me some greasy collard greens…. I wants me some sweet cone’bread…. I wants me some Roastin’ Ears on da grill…. I wants me some super sweet iced tea…. I wants me some sweet German tater salad… I want me some brown sugar baked beans smothered with bacon…. I want me a nice country homemade salad with fresh lettuce and tomato onions, peppers, and a big pile of croutons on top… and then bury it in some Southern Ranch dressing…. I want me some candied yams wit giant marshmallows on top…. then I want a nice ‘Shady Tree Down by the Riverside’ while I watch the Bobber on my fishing pole bob up and down…littleraventhepoet.blog

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