How about we all just pause and take a deep breath, a few deep breaths… let’s slow everything down for a while…having composed ourselves somewhat, let’s think about a few things….

A favorite prayer of mine is…”Dear Lord… as I praise Your wonderful Name… I confess my sins, my imperfections, my shortcomings, and I thank you for your long-suffering and grace towards me…. Lord I humbly ask you to ‘illuminate” my mind… Lord I thank you for accepting me ‘WARTS N ALL’ so to speak… and as I pray this, I’m not seeking justification for my shortcomings, however, I am reminded that you have been working with the imperfect since the beginning…. so my many imperfections are nothing new to you…

So…. let’s look at some other things… let’s use the wonderful mind and brain that God has given us… let’s start from a supposition…. let’s say that my life, your life, and all life, is a gift from God… that there is an omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient God behind & in control of this universe and all things…

How about this as a starting point…. if Someone ( a power higher than yourself) has given you life itself…. & is ‘the’ reason and Who is responsible that you are a living breathing entity… and that this creator has made you in His very image… doesn’t it stand to reason, that’s some thankfulness to this Creator might be in order, I mean at the very least?

Have you ever thought about NOTHINGNESS?.. what I often think about is the apparent nothingness that I experienced prior to being born in this world and becoming aware that I have a life… perhaps there would be memories of a spiritual existence with God before this flesh life that have been erased…[Ref : Jeremiah… “Before I formed you in the womb” I ‘knew’ you] ( this takes a deep study to even begin to comprehend) my presence, our presence, on this earth, in this realm, is for a greater purpose, a test you might say… stay with me, I don’t want to lose you…

I am always knocking on the door of this question, as I wish everyone would…” Why am I here on this earth, in this universe, for such a short period of time?”…. I mean really, other than enjoying life itself, ‘what is the purpose?’…. why are there so many hardships, and misunderstandings, and death, and destruction that come with this beautiful life?…. don’t you think it kind of puts a damper on things to be given this wonderful life & to have it only end in death?…(of course you’re going to have those that don’t see the value of this life, or any future life, or eternity, or eternal consequences, I think they are the minority)

Shakespeare asked…TO BE OR NOT TO BE…. and that’s a very deep intellectual question… it seems to me that God made a choice and said that we are TO BE…( I know some of us don’t want ‘to be’ or we don’t want ‘to be’ in a Godly system, that is… the system that God has put in place, with Him claiming to be the one & only true God…. we do have the freedom of choice)…. but we have to be careful with this freedom of choice…. I won’t retell the story, because you all should know it, our problem occurred in the Garden of Eden…. Satan, a created being… who had led a rebellion, a revolution against God… was cast out… was in in the Garden of Eden waiting to challenge God and to challenge his creation, through the first man and woman, Adam and Eve…we all should know the consequences… the main one being that ‘death’ was brought into the creation because of disobedience to God…. Adam & Eve doing something that they were told they should not do, and if they did do it, they would die… but I want you to notice something else about this… God said that they would ‘die’ if they ate or ‘touched’ from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil… so they ate of the fruit but they did not physically die…. they became spiritually dead at that point… and would die physically eventually, bringing both physical and spiritual death to humanity…. so we get the picture of what happened…. death is our greatest enemy…. Jesus Christ is so important because He proved Himself to be God by overcoming death.. no other ‘would be God’ from Muhammad to Buddha and all the rest of them can make this claim…

So all of these words that I’ve thrown at you…what do they mean? What do I want them to mean?…. I want your awareness to be heightened as to your presence on this earth, as to your never making a decision come to this earth to experience life… I want you to leave all this craziness of these times because we are coming up on the end of an age, lines are drawn in the sand, it’s either good or evil… life or death, and there are eternal consequences… so please… don’t be any further misled and duped by the devil, who only wishes for you and I to spend an eternity without God, and if you think about it, that would be hell……Sincerely, Frank Payton

Look up… for your Redemption is near…

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