Launch Point?

Or another way of asking it… as the good and bad come at you in your life… or as everyday life… or the adventurous life…the ho hum life, the life of privilege, or the life of poverty… the life of being middle class… the life of being extremely good-looking, average looking, or horrible-looking, defines you…. & molds you into what you perceive yourself to be… and how others perceive you….continues…ask your self…

Just where do you launch from?…what is your starting point?…what is your ‘standard’… your ‘Plumb Line’ if any, for going at life?… because where your ‘launch point’ originates, determines your trajectory… your trajectory derermining your point of landing…. all of these words metaphorical for how is it, that you deal with life?… and why do you deal with it as you do?…making the decisions that you make?…

Example: When dealing with the bigger and deeper questions of life….. such as who am I?…. where did I come from?… what is the origination of life?…. what does it all mean? where am I going…. is there an eternity? or is life just a flesh and blood existence and then you die & they bury you in the ground…. or burn you & place you in a container and put you over the fireplace, and it’s all over?

Is there a God…. is there a Satan?….. is the Big Bang Theory the correct explanation for creation & time and space in this universe?… or as the Christians believe, is there intelligent design indicating an intelligent designer?…. did God set the whole thing in motion and then leave it alone? or is He active in his creation?….. just what is your launching point?

How did your ‘launch point’ come to be in your life?….was it from your parents and what they believed?…. your brothers and sisters, what they believed…. some teacher along the way…. some University Professor? some Pastor?… some person that came into your life that you fell in love with…. & you wanted them to love you back, so you agreed with their belief system?… sacrificing your own…. perhaps you never really thought about it that much…. all caught up in life and things such as this, just never really came to the surface of your mind / or to a level of the slightest consideration, or importance?…. if you can relate to any of these suggestions and circumstances it just means that you are normal…. I’ve always been one to check things out for myself…. my lifelong mission has been to understand why people believe what they believe… I have my own belief system ( by that I say I’m a Christian), I try and not stand in judgement of what someone else might believe… that would be very ugly of me, and besides, I am no ones judge, I will leave that up to God, who knows the human heart, and does not look on the outward appearances… so I’m just asking you to deeply look at yourself, and try and figure out why you are like you are… and if you don’t like it, start on a journey, be like a lawyer and figure the truth out…. with all the shouting out there, the truth is a hard thing to get to, but you can get to it….SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND…. also please…. do not be so bold as to ‘make’ your OWN TRUTH… which is typical of human beings…FIND THE TRUTH…. it is waiting to set you free…. and nobody can take it from you…….Sincerely, Frank Payton….

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