Potato Salad Sandwich

Ladies and gentlemen I give you created on this day, August 2nd… 2020….Time 6:53 pm…THE POTATO SALAD SANDWICH…

How a Northerner would order this sandwich:….” Yes excuse me waiter, I notice you have a enticing looking Potato Salad Sandwich…. might I get one of those please…with a lemon water?”

How an Appalachian Trail Southern Mountain Man would order the samich: Hey ma’am, “Howza bout you git me 2 of dem thar’ ‘Tater Salat’ samiches…dats right…2 ob em…stacked nice n high..on sum wyte braed…an a jar ob sweeeet tea.”… ‘By the way huney, yo sho nuff do make doze Daisy Duke’s look rael nice’…’goot tip fer ya suga’…ifin you smiles real purtty like’…


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