The Ballad Of Frankie Snit …

This here’s the story of old Frankie Snit He only had one ear, but he heard well with it … He only had one eye, t’was in the middle of his head, every time Frankie looked in the mirror, he wished that he was dead

Frankie was from a small town and everyone knew of him, Some said his mother and father must have committed horrible sins, It was easy for Frankie to believe, that his life was horrible cursed, But when he looked upon his sister, he knew she had it worse …

The people of this small town all knew of Frankie’s sis ... She was bent over and hump-backed, and when she spoke to people, she’d spit …

Sis had a big old black mole, with a long hair in the midst of it, ’twas right on the end of her nose, but that wasn’t the worst of it, If you looked upon her ugly feet you could see she was missing some toes, Her fingers were long with black painted nails, her green teeth were hardly in rows … But sis had one thing going for her, they say she was a Soothsayer … But everybody thought she was a little bit off, when she said she would run for Mayor …

So this is the story of Frankie and his sister, quite the grotesque pair, see it didn’t matter where they would go, everyone would gawk and stare ...

Alias…Frankie Snit

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