Nothing Is As It Should Be…

Seems nothing is as it should be… Seems like everything is off center…. deviating from an original plan… One of the most disappointing things is not being able to hold on to a point in time, a magical moment, an instant that you never want to die… never want to let go of

Someone says something extraordinary that you never want to forget… You even take the time to write it down so that you don’t…. You make a profound comment to someone, and they give you a look of inquiry and amazement that you have never seen before from a human being…

You hear the ticking of a clock… You realize the wonder that can happen in just one second… If you can just slow your mind down to receive it… Often times it’s just a beautiful stillness and quiet of the moment… then other times, it is the glaring sound of a siren and you know something bad has happened to someone… perhaps someone you know…

With trouble being as it is in these times… Sometimes I can’t help but wonder how many heartbeats I have left, how many steps, how many days…. How many gazes into anothers eyes.. How many smiles to see, how many tears to see fall…

Why were / are we as a human race so great at advancing in technology, and making life as comfortable as we possibly can.. Yet completely failing in understanding the nature… the inclination towards the evil of the human heart?….

Seems like sometimes nothing is as it possibly could be… You see a beautiful woman or man… an interesting person that catches your attention, and you don’t really quite know why… You say to yourself, I could really know that person, and they could really know me… We could just speak with our eyes… And then you realize because of demanding circumstances, the chance will never happen…

So unfortunately for now, nothing is as it should be… But perhaps when we’ve had enough, and we escape the bondage of this body… the bondage of ourselves…the fragility and the heartache, the misunderstandings that come with being a human being, we will enter a new realm, a new body…. having been redirected back to the original plan… We will once again experience things as they should be… as originally intended……..Sincerely, Frank Payton.

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