This Life…

Live this life… Live out the days that God has placed on your calendar… But don’t invest in this life…. Sometimes as much as we want to, we can’t hold on to it, we can’t hold on to anything or anyone… It is all slowly vanishing… Slowly fading just out of our grasp…

Is it me…or are a lot of you finding that there’s not much worth holding on to under the current trajectory of human events?…. And I’m not saying that there aren’t things and people worth holding on to… Family to me seems more important than ever…

The United States & the world seems to be at a major crossroads… Are we going to be able to overcome our greed, our selfishness, the darkness that is the unregenerate human soul?

Will we be able to return to the sacredness and the sanctity of God given life?… Biblical Scripture prophesies that we will not be able to… We have to go through the wars and destruction, we have to come to the end of an age… Evil has to have it’s final season before we can move on…all for now……Sincerely. Frank Payton..

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