Did You Know?

You can’t make this shit up…. This really shows the The ‘double sided way’ Kamala Harris’s brain / logic / reasoning / powers of deduction works….she said…paraphrased: “We need more and better gun laws, because babies are being killed.”….. Who are you kidding woman?…. God forbid that you ever get any more power than you already have… And you do all this pontificating with your lovely smile…( smirk)… As I’m sure we will all learn, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, lovely about you… If you’re so concerned about babies being killed… What about your position on Planned Parenthood?… what about 60 million babies total aborted… since 1973 & Roe vs. Wade?…what about approximately 40% of the 60 million being black?….Hmmm… What about that you 2 legged cockroach?…littleraventhepoet.blog….Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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