The Biden / Harris Mask Mandate…

Well friends… a couple of things going through my head…. One of them being some first remarks made by the Biden / Harris Democratic Presidential Ticket…

I guess these two know deep down inside, that they are going to lose in November ( Even though they will deny it totally) and are never going to be able to address the nation as president and vice president…so…. They are going to act like they are already in power as evidenced by their mask mandate and other comments… Let’s unpack the few words that they said ‘with all the American flags dancing behind them’… and discern what they really said, and what we are in for should they be elected…( God forbid )…

Paraphrasing: Joe and Kamala saying that there should be nationwide mandtatory mask wearing…”It’s not about Constitutional rights…. It’s about doing what is right.”…. So let’s translate that…. To me it almost sounds like ‘cards on the table’ ( as far as their authoritarian leadership style) or a Freudian slip on their part… I think the proof is in the pudding, and what they are saying is… that if the Democratic Party ‘FEELS’ something is right, then that will take priority over our ‘constitutional rights’… damn the democratic process…. damn popular public opinion, and to hell with our constitutional rights…. And here’s another observation… they marched their happy asses off the stage without taking one single question, in other words that means they are going to give orders…make demands… and they could care less about any questions that we might have… I sincerely believe that God is going to grant Mr. Trump / & the U.S… four more years… However if Biden is elected, off the slippery slope we go……Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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