Questioning God? Part 1…

Let’s talk about the moral character of God (dare we?)… join me in a reflection of a study with Gordon Olson…

It seems to me, that everyone at some time or other, wrestles with a problem of the ages, and questions ‘how a God of supposed perfect love and wisdom, allowed into existence or brought into existence, a universe involving moral evil and its consequential tragedy?’…

Humans have a burden of sin that arrests our souls… we have hardships that we all encounter… all the sufferings in one form or another that we experience….our soul is moved to deep contemplation as we ask “How could all this suffering be?”

Seems we all deal with our failings and shortcomings… & the inevitable facing of disease, pain & death… Especially ‘now a’ days’ the inequalities, the injustices of individual and national crimes… the physical calamities that can overtake us without warning… Our conflict with animal life, our misunderstandings with plant life, very little fulfillment in the true original design of things….

And then comes, the cessation of our lives… Sometimes nice and fast and neat… Sometimes strung out over long periods of suffering and agony…… Somewhere deep inside of our souls we ask… Where and when did things go wrong with life in general… with creation in general?…. Is God responsible in some way? Is mankind responsible in some way?.. Are both responsible in some way?… Can and should the moral character of God be challenged?… Join me for part two of this reflection & study……Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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