A Proper Introduction…

Introducing one’s self to a gathering of friends at an evening cocktail party... Most of the people are unknown to you….

Hello all…”Simon… Good to see you my friend… to the rest of you I say my name is Pierre Pierrepont, (Oh, yes waiter, thank you… I’ll have a chilled shot of Rumple Minze, and a cold beer to chase it)…now… where were we?….Yes I’m Pierre Pierrepont… visiting from Europe, Now… I am quite a good judge of character and carefully pick my friends… as I hope they will also give me more than the ‘once over’ in our meeting…. So I will tell you that what is spoken between us all in the next 30 seconds or so, will determine if I will allow you to call me ‘PP’…. As I consider it quite a privilege to address me as ‘PP’… which I only allow amongst my closest friends….so please…’yes Miss …and you are?….

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