Has To Be Demonic

Look around… demons & demonic activity ‘everywhere’… The spirit of Anti-Christ and lawlessness is also ‘everywhere’…The same forerunner to the Anti-Christ that is coming… That same spirit of lawlessness, persecution and disregard for human rights that took over 6 million Jews to their horrible death during World War II, never left and is in full force again… So I think in a lot of ways… it can be said that the Nazis did not lose World War II, and that they just moved to America and other areas of the world… The ‘New World Order’ and the forces and people associated with it, have their agenda set… It goes something like this…”You must close down your buisnesses…you must stay at home…you must get a vaxcinne…you must wear a mask…you must social distance…and eventually…you must get in the train box cars…we’re all going for some cleansing showers”…where in reality, the showers are gas chambers…and once murdered you will be burned…or thrown in a mass grave…got the picture?…be a fool & vote Democratic…your next train ride might be your last….littleraventhepoet.blog….Sincerely, Frank Payton…

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