To me certain things are obvious, and certain questions should be asked…. If we haven’t, maybe we should collectively be thinking about the tactics, demeanor, GOALS, mode of operandi, and all the other dirty deeds that mainly the left radical elements of the Democratic Party are attempting.

The swamp is deep and most of these bad actors are in the Congress and a few are in the Senate…. Many are Mayors, Governors… Lawyers in high places of our judicial systems… Trump haters, Obama leftovers and loyalists…. Anyway you get the picture…

So let’s get to the point…. As we are discussing this, I want you to think of Bill Gates…Dr. Fauci…. the CDC and other specialists, along with many in positions of power that can influence politics and the masses… The main question that must be asked is this: If the democrats, through their evil and unrelenting quest for power are willing to sacrifice this nation and basically turn all of the United States into a ‘Chicago’ or ‘Portland’ [ TO GAIN POWER]… and virtually claiming any individuals that do not think the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST COMMUNIST WAY ‘IS THE ONLY WAY’…… ARE RACISTS / and worthy of death ‘if need be’… What my dear friends do you think would stop them from total control of the masses….SHOULD THEY GET TOTAL CONTROL… Say Senate Congress and White House?

By total control…. I mean taking away literslly all of our rights under the Constitution… mainly the 1st and 2nd amendments and God knows what else… Kamala Harris has already stated…” If she gets in power they are coming for us, (on the right) they know who we are.”…. I Don’t know about you but the intent sounds pretty obvious to me, and that’s only the first steps…. These friends are only the beginning of the deep questions we should be asking as we approach November 3rd………………Sincerely, Frank Payton.

Give me liberty!…or nothing else matters.

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