Lincoln Steffens: Quotes & Discussion from The Autobiography Of Lincoln Steffens….

Pg 23 of ‘Growing Up’…L.Steffens…(Referring to a conversation of scholars) The Oxford, Cambridge type….What they knew was amazing to me, and how they knew it, but what they did not know struck me harder still. They could not among them agree on anything but a fact. With all their knowledge they knew no essential truth….(sound familiar?)….

For those conversations, so brilliant, so scholarly and so consciously unknowing, seemed to me, silent in the background, to reveal the truth that even college graduates did not know anything really. Evidences they had, all the testimony of all the wise men in the historical world on everything, but no decisions….(Politicians, Washington DC?)…

Quote# 1. “You’ll find that education’s about the only thing lying around loose in the world, and that it’s about the only thing a fellow can have as much of as he’s willing to haul away. Everything else is screwed down tight and the screw driver lost.

Quote # 2. ” There are two parts of education– the part that you get in the schoolroom from the professors, and the part you get outside of it from the boys. That’s the really important part. For the first can only make you a scholar, while the second can make you a man”.

Quote # 3. “Go to boy. The world is yours. Nothing is done, Nothing is known. The greatest poem isn’t written, the best railroad isn’t built yet, the perfect state hasn’t been thought of. Everything remains to be done — right, everything.”

Lessons, a life philosophy / attitude I am instilling in my wonderful son…

Wonderful Ari’el…

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