A peculiar thing happened this morning on my mountain dog walk.. As I’m walking up the mountain road… neighbors were approaching in their vehicle… they stopped & as we were talking, they asked how my 7th grade son was doing in the online program at his school….. I told them it was a bit of an adjustment but he was handling it… The woman in the car was a retired public school teacher…. And the conversation turned for the worse as I made a comment about my dissatisfaction with the public school system in general… The conversation further deteriorated when I made the comment that the school system was loaded with democrats… The conversation continued to spiral down the toilet as the man in the vehicle made a smart a** suggestion that i send my son to a private school… I told him I would but I couldn’t afford it…. Then we got into politics… The man said he was very unhappy with president Trump… And I made the comment that Barack Obama’s presidency was basically responsible for Donald Trump being president… He started to get really angry… I took it upon myself to ask him who he was going to vote for and he said he was not going to vote for Trump…. I quickly replied that if he thinks Joe Biden is going to be great for the United States he’s going to be very disappointed… He continued that he was already disappointed…. I asked him if he was aware that Barack Obama was a card carrying member of the Muslim brotherhood ( just as a figure of speech)… He screamed “Oh bull shit”… He yelled goodbye!… Slammed the car into drive… and proceeded to the front of his house which was about 50 yards away… screaming and cussing obscenites at me… I went merrily along on my walk with my dog, then I looked down at my chest and realized that I had my ‘Make America Great Again’ T shirt on… Which I don’t typically wear outside… But I forgot I had it on…. I don’t think my neighbors & me are friends anymore, and I wonder if we ever were…….Frank Payton.

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