This new body has strong bones.. I shall be able to go about as I please… Appear and disappear… and even levitate… This mind is considerably learned… Yet I shall be able to impose my will upon it, and take it to higher levels of consciousness… Reveal new subconscious layers…

These new eyes have seen a lot of things, but nothing like what I will show them… Things determining life-and-death… Good and evil, power and poverty… Kingdoms that have risen, and kingdoms that have fallen, and the powers behind them…

This new heart has loved and hated… But I will show this weak human the power of pure hatred and evil… I will convince the human that death is not so bad, and separation from God is something that has rewards and can be  lived with… even desirable… Sense I, ‘Legion’ have  been invited in… I will gladly take….POSSESSION…littleraventhepoet.blog….Frank Payton.

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