Reflections On A Study

Discussion about the coming shaking of the world, and specifically America… We all should know that judgment begins in the house of God… We should all be aware that judgment is coming on politicians, pastors, celebrities, and all of the influence makers… i.e…. Governors, Mayors, Nancy Pelosi, and the like.

See if you can follow this… It seems to me that the Democratic Party is asking people to make a major decision…. And this might surprise you, but I think that they are asking those of us that don’t want to be part of ‘their agenda’ to leave the Democratic Party…. How is that you might ask?

Well… I think it’s obvious they’re asking people to choose ‘them’ over God…. to choose the radical democratic philosophy over God… The democratic agenda seems to consist mainly of…. ‘no respect for God’… ‘no respect for the flag’… ‘no respect for nationalism in any form’ no respect for the AMERICAN individual in any form… And to be quite Frank with you, these mentioned are just the tip of the proverbial evil radical democratic iceberg….

America needs to be warned… We are the perfect example of the ancient church of Laodicea… Mentioned in the 7 churches in the Book of Revelation… Basically the U.S. thinking we are fine as a nation & our relationship with God… and we are in need of nothing, which is a major miscalculation… The truth is most of us are standing alone naked and afraid… Because we have strayed and allowed the lukewarm gospel to be preached and permitted to the point where half of us don’t even know what we believe anymore… I admit it really takes determination to figure out what the truth is… Seek the ‘still small voice.’

The first shaking was the Corona virus…. then God providing us a window of opportunity to repent and be healed… it doesn’t look like where headed that way right now.. so the second wave is coming…thanks to Mario Murillo… Reconstruction of the study by me…Frank Payton…

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