Signs Of The Times

JOEL 2:28…Your old men shall dream dreams and your young men shall have visions..

God’s word is true… I can attest from first hand experience…

Just This Morning: I had woken up earlier in the morning, so I had kind of fallen back into a mild sleep, and was drifting back-and-forth between consciousness and sleep…. I was remembering some dreams as I lie there… And then a very graphic dream came in to my remembrance (which had just happened), it involved a close friend, a young man from my past… At that time ( 1979- 1984 ) my friend Randy and I worked at the same place and we were both about 32, 33 years of age.. He was from Pennsylvania and we worked at an Electronics firm in Vienna, Vitginia… We both held positions as electro mechanical inspectors… and our desks were right beside each other… I would also like to add that Randy and I enjoyed each other’s friendship and camaraderie playing on the company Softball team for a few years… I would like to also add that Randy and I talked of the many experiences of our lives which included religion and he knew that I was a Christian… He was a skeptic during our years together, yet I believe he was searching for truth and deeper meaning for his life… So I had many opportunities to share Christ with him.. Though I don’t recall him actually having a profession of faith (that I was aware of)… or after we parted ways, due to the circumstances of our lives…

As the year 1984 came to a close.. Randy and I moved on to jobs with different companies, which separated us professionally, but we still got together occasionly and played softball & did other things…

OK… so the story so far, has been background information bringing us back to my dream this morning…. Kind of a peculiar dream but it had a keen sense of reality & comfort about it… The dream took place in a grocery store…( I worked for many years as a seafood expert and a meat cutter.)… In the dream I was walking out from the meat department headed to display some ‘one pound’ packages of hamburger… I looked up into the Deli area of the store and saw two friends engaged in a conversation as they were working… I realized one friend was Randy ( to my pleasant surprise) and made a smart a** comment to him, as we often did to each other in life…( It was all in good fun, yet I noticed Randy was a little bit angry with me, because he leaned over and whispered something into the person’s ear that he was working with)… So I made it a point to go up and challenge Randy further as also was my custom in real life.. He turned and looked at me, and we were face-to-face since the last time we had been together in real life which had now been many (over 30) years… So it was great to see Randy in my dream and I had the overall impression that he was doing fine and the dream came to an end…

So… Now I will tell you the story of what happened to Randy… After we had parted ways due to employment and other a circumstances ( back around 1987 ), I got a phone call one day… The friend on the line asked me if I had heard about what had happened to Randy…I said that “I had not”… The friend on the phone went on to tell me that Randy was in a hospital, in a coma, and in bad shape from a car accident… which Randy was obviously injured very badly in, yet the other person with him in the accident was relatively unharmed…(strange..I thought)

So after I found out which hospital Randy was in, I got together with another friend of mine, and we went up to the hospital to see Randy… As we were approaching Randy’s room I noticed his immediate family standing outside of his room, getting ready to leave; and Randy’s girlfriend approached me and made a rather peculiar comment, she said…” Might know it would be you to be one of the ones, to come and see how Randy is doing, but we’re sorry only family can go in and see him”… I understood the situation, but I was crushed and disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see him… A-day or so later Randy died… OK so now I’m reflecting on this story & the time ‘alive’ that I spent with Randy long passed… and trying to interpret the deeper meaning (if any) about Randy showing up over 30 years later in a brief morning dream of mine… What probably remains unknown is if Randy had a deathbed confession or possibly accepted the Lord prior to the accident… I don’t guess I will know until I go to the other side…but the dream was pretty encouraging…. There is hope and I’m thankful that I got to share Christ with him during the brief time we had together while living….Sincerely, Frank Payton……

Furthering The Mystery of Randy’s death: I later learned of the controversy surrounding Randy’s death… It was rumored and reported that Randy & his friend had hit a tree head on at a fairly high speed… I believe Randy was thrown through the passenger side windshield headlong into the tree while the driver remained relatively unharmed… The controversy revolved around a rumor that there might have been alcohol involved between either one or both of the riders in the car… and apparently Randy’s friend had placed Randy in the driver seat and himself in the passenger seat to deceive the police and fire department upon arrival at the accident… Right now I don’t know what the truth is… And I guess I will not know until I get to the other side… Isn’t life and people strange….

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