There is a place, a space, in between consciousness and sleep… A place of communication… a place of beautiful dreams.. a place of messaging… Sometimes I describe this place as my being semiconscious yet dreaming…(or mysteriously awake but dreaming) [What the difference is, I’m not sure] often-times ideas come in the form of words, as if floating from another world & arriving in my head… Most of the time these words dreams and scenarios are welcome, often times they take a turn for darkness… Yet I pay attention to, and try to learn from what comes in the dark…

Just this morning while in this ‘place’ that I often find myself… typically following sleep, or drifting in-and-out of sleep… I saw out of my peripheral vision as I glimpsed out a window into the darkness, the flash of a camera, and I was aware that someone was taking my picture….a bit later… I think I was dreaming about my conservative posts on social media and in particular ‘Twitter’ & just plain as day I heard the words of someone or a presence saying to me in a stern voice…” Can you come with us please?”….Sincerely, Frank Payton…littleraventhepoet…

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