The Gooch Spot

IN A BOOK TITLED, “Types Of Literature”, I came across a work concerning both the anatomy of the human being, and quirks / slang usage in the English language… The area of interest involved the ‘undercarriage’ or ‘private’ area of the female anatomy.. The study referred to it as the ‘Gooch Spot’…or ‘No Man’s land’…’The Landing strip‘…’Unexplained Territory’… And went on to refer to this mysterious ‘spot‘ as being BETWEEN ‘The Pussy’…( Term of the Oxford / Cambridge highly educated in the U.K.) or ‘The Coonie'( U.S. midwest jargon) or ‘The Beaver’.. ( all hunting types ) & ‘ The Asshole’ ( U.S. Redneck)…’The Bumhole’ ( smart ass British ) and ‘The Dirt Road’ (most mountain men)…. So now that we are oriented as to the exact spot we are talking about, let’s look at one of its ‘Other Names’… It is often referred to as the ‘TAINT SPOT’… usually by those that are concerned with practicality… And are probably very pragmatic in their personality types… And they feel this way using a mix of the English language for the word ‘TAINT’…( A slang combination of It Ain’t…giving us TAINT.. Because it Taint pussy or butthole… I think of it as kind of a ‘pause’… A kind of a bridge from one part of the body to another…. Anyway I hope you enjoyed this study…. There’s an old saying…” If you keep it up I’m gonna be forced to tickle your TAINT spot”….[smirk]…

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