A Mystery

The mystery of what really is inside a human being… Being honest, I know having lived 65 years on this earth; If put in the right situation, and pressure of circumstances… I could very well kill another human being… And if I felt justified in doing it, I’m sure I could feel a certain amount of satisfaction approaching even pleasure. (Having said this, I’ve never killed anyone, thank God.)

So… Again having lived 65 years on this earth, I know that I could probably preach the gospel, conduct a sermon, as well or better than the next man… So here in lies a mystery, how do we determine what is really in a man?.. Each man’s life proves it out I guess… Still I don’t believe any one particular man can truly be known… not really.

I also know that had I not been my own worst enemy through most of my life… and had more confidence in myself, I probably could have been tremendously successful.

Maybe I will be tremendously successful before I die, but I seriously doubt it, I just don’t think mediocrity sells or accomplishes very much… I also have a general belief that monetary success or success that comes from being famous in some form, is not a true measure of a man, but it certainly is a measure… Perhaps at least, not the most important measure.

So I pose a question… Can anyone ever be fully known?… And is it even necessary?… Would it even be good to know someone fully?… Me thinks….probably not…littleraventhepoet.blog..Frank Payton.

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