Although I love life very much, I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to the long sleep… Keep in mind when I say the ‘long sleep’ I’m referring to leaving this life and going into another dimension ( How much ‘time’ will expire between states no one can know, or if time is even a factor anymore*)… Some would call it death… Others would call it death and a new beginning… Some again would call it the ‘total end’. I think that all would probably hope for ‘peace ( yet I’m sure there are those who would not mind eternal separation from God, and would rather spend all of eternity with Satan)… or eternal rest’… the hope for a new beginning without the curse of death, and all of the things that go with this fallen state we are currently in…

There are many comments that can be made about death and crossing over… many scriptures to consider, many things that many people of differing religions believe in about death and the hereafter…ie: CONCERNING DEATH…”Absent from the body, present with the Lord.”[ THIS IS PLAIN AND SIMPLE, but to me, limited information]…& the story of ‘THE RICH MAN AND LAZURUS.’…Luke 16… Which tells the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, both men dying and going to Paradise… Lazarus going to Abraham’s bosom…( The good side of paradise, for the saved) and the Rich Man going to a type of holding place (the other side of paradise for unbelievers)… where…( As the story tells) the unbeliever ie: (The Rich Man) is…& also is in a resurrected body but awaiting judgment which will come at the end of the 1000 year reign of Christ… referred to in The Bible as the Great White Throne Judgment… Notice that the rich man has consciousness and is aware of where he is, and begs for an opportunity to go back and tell his family and friends to repent, so that they do not end up in the same place as he is… but it is not allowed ( & Remember the two sides of paradise have a great Gulf in between that cannot be crossed over… back-and-forth).. Read the story in its entirety for yourself…very revealing as an example of what happens to both believers and unbelievers at death…these are not my words… but God’s…Luke 16…

So… With all of this in mind we get back to the…”Long Sleep”…. If we can call it that at all…. What I mean is go back to before you were born, before you had awareness in this life… and what do you see? I see nothing… Now wait a minute…. Could this be by design?… As far as we can tell we were in a ‘long sleep’ before we appeared in this life on this earth…or were we alive in some form or sense prior to experiencing this life ( Ref: Jeremiah 1: 5) , yet having the memory of it erased by God… for some purpose unknown to us?.. As we may have been involved in decisions that happened during the 1st Earth Age… read Revelation 12… about THE REBELLION…and think about what I’m suggesting… ie: ( we existed before ( as spiritual beings)… were on the wrong side in the rebellion against God… But God not wanting to destroy us…put our souls in a flesh and blood body to make decisions about who we will serve FINALLY, God or Satan) in ‘this’ age ( from approximately 4003 B.C. until ?) the 2nd Earth age to prepare us for the 3rd Earth age… in 2nd Peter 3… Peter talks of the 3 Earth ages…read carefully or you might miss the 3 ages…THIS IS CRUCIAL…

I remember telling my father when he died that he would close his eyes on this side and open them on the other…. That might have been revelation knowledge… And he probably doesn’t have a memory of how long his eyes were closed, (ASLEEP) he just knows that he opened them… Just as we did when we were born into this world…. I know that’s a lot to digest but I want you to think about it…. You might need to read this post more than once……. Frank Payton..

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