Are you ready to rise above the only home that you’ve ever known or been allowed to remember?…. That is your existence in this flesh blood and bone ‘tent’… In earthly terms it is a tent… In spiritual terms though, it is a bit more than flesh, God calls it a ‘Temple’….

Without being disrespectful…IMHO… This flesh blood and bone existence is a lower form of life as compared to spiritual entities… I believe it is a lower form in one sense that, it is a housing for an eternal spirit… As we are made in the image of God Who, is an Eternal Spirit… This life a temporary testing ground… A big test if you will… that has very important eternal consequences….

So… If we are able to rise above ourselves and accept God’s plan which has been put forth in his written ‘Word’… The Bible…. If we are able to understand and accept our recovering…our redemption… Then we will be found understanding and worthy of further life… with God… If we are “now” part of those that have rebelled and are rebelling we will have to suffer the eternal consequences… Mind you I did not make the rules but God did… Take it up with Him… I’m just the messenger… Also all of you naysayers out there, do not try to bring God down to your level, and understand him with your natural mind… you will look like a fool… Don’t be a fool… God is extending his long arm but you must extend your hand…

Are you ready for the new existence, to new being, traveling at the speed of light, in your new resurrected body… Having understood your purpose on mother Earth… and God’s design on placing you on this Earth… That is to prepare you for something higher… You have to ask yourself if you can’t handle this existence, how can use handle something more powerful?… “To whom much is given… much is required.”….ARE YOU READY FOR THE CHANGE…THE PROPHECIED TWINKLING OF AN EYE?….AND THE END OF THIS DETOUR BROUGHT ON BY OUR BEING COMPLICIT WITH THE SATAN…THE GLISTENING SERPENT….WHAT WE ARE EXPERIENCING IN THESE TIMES IS VERY DIRECTLY SIMILAR AND RELATED TO THE REBELLION OF REVELATION 12… in the previous Earth age…. Again I must shout it from the rooftops… study 2nd Peter 3……Sincerely, Frank Payton…


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