OR Time Compared To Eternity…

A deeper, possibly different CONSIDERATION OF TIME, SPACE, & ETERNITY…

Of course… Most of us have thought deeper about time, space and eternity, but I wonder to what extent… I have always found this saying by God very peculiar…”A Day is as a 1000 years and a 1000 years as a day”.. To me I think this means with God everything is eternally ‘NOW’… How wonderful it must be to escape the stranglehold of time…IMHO…

Let’s have an interesting look… What is the ‘unit of measure’ HOW LONG IS ‘one day’ measured against ETERNITY?…. And how much difference, if any, in LENGTH, would ’10 million years’ be…measured against ETERNITY?]….as you might have guessed… The whole point is eternity can and has been viewed as A “TIMELESS REALM”… ..Eternity has been viewed and described as “Never Ending Time”… ‘without beginning or end’…but nevertheless time as we normally think of it… with duration and succession from the past towards the future.

So where are we going with all this?… Let’s look at one more comparison that has always helped me understand this whole time / eternity concept better…

Let’s delve into the area of photography… in particular, FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY… Why Flash Photography, you might be asking?… Well please, let me explain

Someone compared the length of a ‘Flash’ on a camera… (Which can be different fractions of time, but let’s just say… 1/4 of a second)… Someone very brilliant has said that the creation of time and space, the earth, human history, the world and the universe (BY GOD) as we know it… comparing “all that time” TO ETERNITY….is like the FLASH OF A CAMERA…that is ‘The duration of that Flash’ to eternity…or all of recorded history… the creation and existence of earth, and the known universe, is but 1/4 of a second, compared to eternity… Now get your mind around THAT.

Disputing this by anyone is welcome…. Come-all-ye naysayers…littleraventhepoet.blog….Sincerely, Frank Payton…


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