Satan / Socialism ?

Don’t you think it makes sense that Satan is a Socialist?…. Most know, but won’t admit that Marxism and Socialism lead to Totalitarianism… and death and destruction to the masses that won’t go along…Look back at the Vietnam war era…At that time, out of about 8 million people in Cambodia…. Approximately 3.3 million were slaughtered, including men, women, and children….even babies… held upside down by their feet and their head smashed against walls…. Simply atrocious and heinous…. So let’s change gears a little bit and go back to October about 2009, and talk about a man named Bill Ayers… who was known for his activism in the 60’s… included leading the “Weather Underground”….anyway…. Turns out there was a rumor for many years that has recently been proven as true…. The rumor that Bill Ayers did not exactly edit Barack Obama’s book, but he actually wrote it, as witnessed by Bill’s own confession… and he has apparently tried to get royalties…

So where are we going with all this?… I’m saying that Barack Obama had been prepared from his youth up through his presidency to be a pawn of Satan… And my personal belief about the reason that Barack Obama seems untouchable along with others such as Hillary Clinton, is because of the hedge of protection that is provided by Satan and his minions, and the powers of darkness….only God can break it… or allow it to be broken..

Further…. Bill Ayers commented not long ago about the Communist revolution that is now commencing full throttle and has been going on in the United States…..Bill said ” The Communist revolution in America has begun full throttle and estimates that it would take the death of 25 million Americans to make America submit to Marxism… Progressivism… Communism”…. All of it slowly blooming…. Someone commented that if 25 million dead people were laid head to toe from the Atlantic to the Pacific…( Sea to shining sea)… They could cross United States 10 times… So folks, this is the exposed secret agenda of the Democratic Party… Even Bernie Sanders and his ‘Democratic Socialism’ (which is exactly what Adolf Hitler put forth and led)…is exposed…. Not to mention Kamala Harris, who is the ultimate Socialist…. So to some people in social media circles that promote and support Ilhan Omar… and others including the four that make up ‘The Squad’.. If you love freedom, the Constitution, and this country… You better ask yourself is it worth hating Donald Trump as much as you do…& worth driving you to what I would call insanity… your minds are deluded, you can’t see past the natural… or for that matter the end of your own liberal, self serving, self absorbed, noses…also… I will go ahead and take your mask away from you, and say with confidence that your hatred for Donald Trump is really hatred for law and order and for God himself… You don’t realize that you’re in a cosmic battle between good and evil that has been going on since the first Earth age…(2nd Peter chapter 3)…. If you wanna be led like sheep to the slaughter, continue in your deluded ways… Also I’ve been listening to some sophmoric chatter by bleeding heart liberals, saying that in the past God did not judge America for racism and slavery and the like, so why would he judge America for abortion and movements such as the LGBTQ…. Do any of these liberals know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah?…( oh wait… unbelievers blow that off as a fairy tale, silly me )… Or that God himself says that homosexuality is an abomination to Him…( let me be clear, I don’t hate homosexuals and I don’t hate anyone in the LGBTQ community and those that choose this lifestyle… But I can’t with a clear conscious approve of WHAT THEY DO… The acts that they commit are just more ‘homemade sin’…. I know this will anger some people and they will think that I’m some kind of monster, but I don’t make the rules, I just chose to believe in them, and at least have some kind of standard in my life. that will keep me from the chaos and death and destruction of this current age… and safe from the politically correct demonic ideology that has been promoted in this country, in our education system and elsewhere…. You know why ‘they’ don’t want to teach real history anymore?…. Because if ‘they’ can get just one generation…. that doesn’t believe in God… doesn’t know the failure and destructive power and the death that goes along with Socialism Marxism and Communism, then they’ve got us… they can control us and take over……Sincerely, Frank Payton…also… I almost forgot…BLM IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION… Have you ever asked yourself if black lives matter so much… Why have approximately 40% of the aborted babies in this country (since 1973 and Roe vs Wade)… been from the black communities, where it is a known fact the Planned Parenthood sets up their businesses?…hmmmm?… To some of you ignoramuses out there, you haughty, high minded fools, this is why God will judge America… Already has partly… Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone… If you’re guilty.. you know it… Time to sound the Shofar…

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