CERTAINLY, if I could bring peace and tranquility to our troubled world and it’s masses, I surely would…. But I don’t have that power… So I am left with my own demons to deal with, to learn and relay what I am learning, to try and help others.

One thing I’ve learned for sure is that ‘THIS AGE’ (refer to 2nd Peter chapter 3) [ ‘We are currently in the 2nd of 3 Earth ages, Peter discusses all 3 ages, if you look closely at the above mentioned scripture’] The 3rd Earth age is to follow immediately after the coming tribulation period… the coming wars…the coming Antichrist..the prophicied coming of Daniel’s 70th week… and the prophesied 2nd coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Himself & His heavenly army, which some believe to include ‘Born Again’ believers that have been raptured…(an earlier separate event)…[The prophecied ‘Gathering Together’ in the sky.]

Secondly, I truly believe that this 2nd Earth age was / is designed by God to bring about the ‘near’ culmination and termination of evil in this world…( Prophecy reveals that Satan will be bound for the 1000 year reign of Christ, but then again loosed for a final temptation of man ( after the 1000 year reign) ,where God will finally deal with him forever)…

So with all this in mind, back to peace and tranquility… Of late and actually going back to the beginning of Trump’s presidency, I have been extremely overwhelmed with worldly events and my functioning in this world as it currently is…( I am a firm Trump believer & supporter & will vote again for him) and believe that he is a God send… And I would compare him to the ancient Cyrus… So as I will show you things seem to be calming down for me…I hope…

So again back to peace and tranquility, (I have found myself moving from a state of agitation, anger and emotional distress over the double standards that come from our politicians, the media, and not to mention the pure evil of the Democratic Party) to a really recent state of totally desired for, but unexpected peace & tranquility…

Even my sleep has become very restful… Even though loaded with dreams… dreams that seem so real at times… My sleep of wonderful dreams and tranquility and peace, so pleasant that were it not for my responsibility to my family, I wouldn’t mind slipping off into until I meet the Lord … So please understand I don’t have a death wish… But to be honest with you I’m tired of this world system, and I have grown weary, as I’m sure many of you have… So I’m Just trying to persevere until the end…….Sincerely, Frank Payton.

NOTE: I don’t want to give the devil any fame…. But based on past experience, I wonder how badly I will be attacked for even writing this…. I have to do what I have to do….

Sound The Shofar!

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