Now that I’m older… Of course there is a lot to reflect back on… I am particularly concerned today about what took place in school…. Especially the early days (Elementary) up to high school and then some-what into University level studies…

I fully understand that as a child our awareness level is different, and for me it was definitely lower than what I have grown into as far as awareness goes…

Of course I am aware of the different circumstances, The parents that God designed for us, whether we would be upper, middle, or lower class starting out, what level of education we would achieve…How long our life would actually be, and things of this nature… And I would not necessarily say that the above mentioned was totally predetermined… More about that later… We do have freedom of choice… But then we would get into a very deep subject involving predestination and election which would take considerable time… Later perhaps…

So what is really confounding to me is the fact that our culture… especially the Western culture and the mindset that is so concerned with this flesh blood and bone existence.. is so concerned with being upwardly mobile… The infatuation especially during youth with the beauty of one’s body… The level of education that needs to be achieved… And ‘having everything’ that has typically become to be known as the American dream… Please don’t misunderstand me, I enjoy the benefits of being American and Western culture… I think our Democratic Republic cannot be topped & is actually a blessing from God…[And I’m aware that the world has been blessed through the blessings of the United States]…I think what I’m trying to get around to saying is that; I don’t understand why the spiritual aspects and the importance of spirituality and faith are not taught at a very young age… And why is it not discussed & taught the fact that your life is going to be very short… and that ultimately real life and eternal life is only going to be found after we die…

I am also aware that history is basically divided into just two parts… The times typically called Before Christ and The times After Christ… Thank God that He chose to reveal Himself through His Son Jesus Christ… In my opinion the world would be a complete h*** without this revelation from God the Father… Without too much elaboration… Without this revelation from God the devil would reign totally supreme and it would be utter chaos and death…so

The heart of the matter… Considering all that our education and school systems have to choose from… All the history of the world all the history of the church age, all the history of world religions, and the different views about God… I believe we have chosen poorly and have not prepared our young people to fully understand what it means to be a human being… And of course I realize that most of this teaching has to take place in the home, but the school needs to be supportive, and we certainly didn’t do ourselves any favors by kicking God out of the schools in the sixties, look at what we have now, complete utter chaos… And please let me make it clear, although I am a Christian, I know from experience that we should not jam Christianity down anyone’s throat… All of the different religions should be available to be studied… and in the spirit of Christ let people choose for themselves… I don’t recall Jesus Christ jamming anything down anyone’s throat, He just told what the Father told him to tell folks and presented it as the ‘ultimate truth’ ( And supporting what He was saying by overcoming death itself, which no one else has been able to do that claims to be a God)… People need to be given the freedom to compare Christianity to other religions and find out how wonderful it really is, and how God has manifested Himself through The Bible…through the Old and New Testament… How His Words…ARE HOLY….GOD BREATHED!… While we are on the subject, what other God claims to have literally spoken ‘by the power of His Words’ this whole universe into existence?… Someone please elaborate…

So there is so much more that I want to say… But I have to formulate it in my mind before I can relay it…. Perhaps I will pick up later about my chat with God concerning human sexuality…me thinks this is a good start however…littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely, Frank Pauton.

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