As I was reviewing my first post on “Waking Up To This Life”… I realized some expounding and clarification was probably in order…. Speaking of the school system not doing a proper job especially in elementary, junior high, and high school… I realized I had failed to mention the Parochial school system… The Catholics actually make an effort to teach kids at younger ages in an effort to prepare them to be better contributors to society & have relationship with God…. However I find myself in disagreement about the tenets of the Catholic faith… But apparently they haven’t kicked God out of the Catholic school system, so that’s a plus… I’m not going to hammer on them too hard right now… I guess what really rubs me the wrong way is their dogmatic approach… Anyway…

To clarify some of what I was saying in the first post… We of course are born into a flesh, blood, and bone existence… What we eventually learn on our own, and definitely with God’s help or parental guidance is that; We are made in the image of God and have an eternal spirit…also that we are caught up in an ancient struggle between good and evil between God the devil that started back in the ancient days and continues until now… With (according to scriptures)… the most exciting end time events apparently about to happen ie: THE RAPTURE….The global world system coming to introduce the prophicied AntiChrist, the wars that will ultimately bring this age to and end & culminating in the 2nd coming of Christ… Notice I didn’t say the ‘end of the world’, as some so ignorantly and recklessly say… I said the end of an ‘age’… There’s a big difference…

.. But what we are not taught is that in our weakened flesh blood and bone bodies we will have to encounter fierce spiritual battles with fierce spiritual entities….fallen angels, demons with knowledge of the battles & events of ages past… And the main manifestation we have to deal with is that these evil powers do come from high dark places that manifest in the human flesh of others that are not Godly, and oppose us in this life…A fantastic but unfortunate example of this playing out is the presidency of Donald Trump… The forces of evil that want to bring about the downfall of America and Israel for that matter, are manifesting in most of the ‘radical left’ Democratic Party…. The evil FLESHING OUT in the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam schiff, Blumenthal, George Soros and countless others… The evil is fleshing out in the media…ie: MSNBC…CNN…Chris Wallace… ABC…The New York Times and many others… Including 9/10ths of Hollywood… President Trump has been viciously attacked by Satan and his minions since before he took office… But I believe God is with him so who can be against him….

So to somewhat conclude… Here’s the real rub…. We are a wonderful beautiful eternal spirit put in a flesh, blood, and bone body, temporarily….( A test if you will )… To see if we will serve Satan or God… This is what ‘waking up to this life’ is really all about, the rest of it is peripheral… littleraventhepoet.blog….Sincerely, Frank Payton…

We struggle not against flesh and blood…

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