A parody…A spoof on one of my favorite poems…THE ROAD NOT TAKEN….BY ROBERT FROST…

Two paths emerged in a winter wood, And sorry I could not piss on them both, and take one piss, there I stood, And searching down one as far as I could, To where I thought I saw someone hiding in a bush;

Then I spyed the other, seems I didn’t care, but a better spot for my pee to drain, already crusting yellow in my underwear; No more time for just standing there…Peeing on either path was about the same,

See both that morning before me lay, Under a sky that was turning stormy black, I’d piss on the other path another day! Looking at my piss as just time at play, I doubted another chance to ever come back.

One day I will be retelling this story, probably leaning up against an old wooden fence, Two paths emerged in a winter wood, and I pissed on the one that appeared more dry, But it really didn’t make much difference…….Sincerely, Frank Payton.

Hats off to Robert Frost & one of the greatest poems ever written.. “The Road Not Taken”… One of the most quoted and commercially successful works of poetry ever… It was my pleasure To make a parody about your work….

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