This post….. just this morning, is dedicated to friends…one is named T…the other is named M…. I didn’t ask to use their names fully, so I only use the first letter… They know who they are…

How many times have you heard someone say “Where is God when you need Him?”….Or something similar like… “Why doesn’t God do something.”….again….” If God is a God of love, why does He allow all this misery, suffering, and death on planet Earth?….

There are millions of ways to ask the question: “Where is God”?….IMHO… There is but one answer… Since everything is “ETERNALLY NOW” from God’s perspective….(Meaning He dwells outside time and space as we know it)… The main point being that there has to be a ‘supernatural’ to create a ‘natural’..( Do you follow me)….IMHO also… There has to be ‘intelligent design’ as opposed to evolution and the randomness of everything… People are waking up to the fact of the mysteries and intricacies of human life down to the cellular level & beyond … The order of the universe, the order of the human body, the order of everything….so…. Forgive me for my digression from the original point intended…”Where is God?”….some would say…”But Even God says he is “unknowable.”…. Well we have to keep that comment in context… All of His creative power all that He was, Is, and will be… is unknowable…. However if you need to know where the one true God “is” you need look no farther than His finished work on THE CROSS…sounds cliche?… You’ve heard it a million times….right?…. Well I will let you in on a little secret… You will not be able to see what Christ really accomplished on the cross, until God the father through the Holy Spirit reveals it to you or me or anyone else…. There are many scriptures available to verify this…. It is not some far fetched idea that this Pilgrim namely ( me)… has created… So in God the Father, in the eternal now, He never forgets what His son Jesus did on the cross…. Being 100% God and 100% man, and bringing us back to reconciliation from what happened in the garden of Eden… But you can’t run around like a chicken with its head cut off concerning things of God, knowing very little about God’s plan or His written word in The Bible, you have to study, you have to seek in order to find…. God is not some simple vending machine to wait for you to put a quarter in and and make a request… Don’t bring Him down to your level, rise to His level… God wants a family…. All of you that have families… you love them very much and would give your life for them… right?…( Well most of you)… In case you have missed it or misinterpreted God’s word, he is trying to make Himself a family… He wants those that love Him… He wants those in His family to understand that He gave them life, and without Him there is no life to be had…. Let alone, the abundant life…. So please be careful when you ask ‘where is God’… In a very certain figure of speech, He is on the cross dying for you and me, and everyone’s sin, so that we can have the hope of eternal life…. But you have to want good and not evil, you have to want / choose life and not death, God will honor your freedom of choice, but there are consequences….not me talking….but God talking….”That’s where God is.”…littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely, Frank Payton….Noah…if you read this…. Congratulations on your new born…Hope everything is well in Virginia Beach….

Finally…. God is very knowable through his creation, but you have to have spiritual eyes “to see God in His creation”….. Otherwise a tree is just a tree, a Bee is just a Bee… You are just you, and I am just me… Seeing with spiritual eyes happens when your mind has been renewed by the touch of Christ…Once You ask Him and He has come into your life you will no longer ask…”WHERE IS GOD”…. Because you will feel and know that He is inside you, and no one can ever take that away from you…no one…

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