The bus driver’s name was Jesus. It was just another day on a bus route that Jesus had been driving for some 33 years. The route was in a beautiful mid western town where everyone ‘thought’ they knew everyone else

So on this one particular day as Jesus was driving down streets he had driven down thousands of times; waving to people he had waved to thousands of times, driving through a neighborhood, where virtually everyone knew who he was… He came to a familiar bus stop on his route, and there stood a nice looking boy, who looked like he was about 12 years old. The boy boarded the bus and Jesus asked him where he was going, as the boy placed 8 quarters in the money machine, and said “I just wanted to ride a bus, I’ve never been on a bus before.”

So the boy finished with his quarters and sat in the first seat directly behind Jesus the bus driver, they could see each other clearly in the big bus mirror…. so they’re driving along… And as they gazed at each other in the mirror, the boy introduces himself as Ari’el…The bus driver introduces himself as Jesus… As they smiled at each other. Ari’el went on to tell Jesus that him and his family had just moved into this area from California.

Jesus said, “Welcome Ari’el… and commented that he believed Ari’el and his family would love the quaint midwestern town called ‘Bethel Fork‘. Continuing their journey, Ari’el notices a big Bible laying on the dash of the bus, along with other personal items belonging to Jesus. Ari’el comments that he had never before seen a “Bible that big”, as it seemed huge with a beautiful black leather covering, and gold lettering on the front that said ‘Holy Bible’….

Jesus reaches over to the dash board, grabbing The Bible as he turns handing it to Ari’el…Ari’el quickly opens it to the Book of John Chapter One; and notices a lot of underlining in red ink, and asks why all the underlining and notes were on the side column of The Bible. Jesus replies that the notes in red ink and underlining were important revelations; he believed God through his Holy Spirit had taught him about over the years… Ari’el seemed very interested and started to read aloud….“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the word was God”… Then Ari’el commented that he had never read from the Bible before, and that he felt the Words were speaking directly to him, as if deep inside him… Then Ari’el became a little puzzled as evidenced by the silence that ensued…then he said, “It sounds like God existed as a ‘Word’ before at sometime.” Jesus approvingly shouted “Yes”….followed by…”Ari’el,I think God the Father has a wonderful plan for your life. “YES!”, shouted Jesus again, as he said, “It must be hard to understand that something / some being that people call the ‘One True God’ existed as a ‘Word’ before manifesting Himself fully.

Jesus went on as he explained to Ari’el that alot of adults, had a lot of issues on this subject… and was truly amazed at how a twelve-year-old boy seemed to grasp the concept.

Ari’el said he “wanted to learn more”, as the bus arrived at the boys destination….Ari’el gazed at Jesus the bus driver ( for what he didn’t know) would be the last time… Jesus said to Ari’el, “Please take the Bible with you, if you want it, it is yours”…Ari’el was so excited that he nearly tripped going down the bus steps…

For the next few weeks, Jesus the bus driver looked for Ari’el the young boy, but never saw him again. Then one day as Jesus stopped at the stop where he had originally picked up Ari’el, Jesus found an envelope addressed “To Jesus“…it read…” I wanted to thank you in person for the Bible… and so greatly desired to see you again… but my dad is an important man, and he received a notice that they had to move to the Washington DC area, ASAP”… So I will say goodbye and thank you again… signed…Ari’el…….Sincerely, Frank Payton…..copyright Frank Payton…

Ari’el goes for a bus ride & meets Jesus…

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