I wonder, can we experience and have a proper awareness of how wonderful heaven is… with our not having any awareness or experience as to what hell is?

Could we ever begin to understand the full strength of gravity… without flinging ourselves from a high rise building and hitting face first on the concrete below?

Could we ever fully fathom the power of the electro magnetic forces that hold the earth rotating and revolving in its path through space..

Apparently there is a thing called the ‘string theory‘…. But these molecules of energy surely can’t be seen by the naked eye….leaving us living in realities just beyond theories…

Why is it that we human beings so often find ourselves ‘betwixt and between‘…. Often things and people in this life fall into the Gray areas… Nothing seemingly fully one way or another…. Always an exception to the rule… God’s Word seems to be the only thing that stands true…. And we in this flesh blood and bone existence find ourselves wandering endlessly and aimlessly, sifting through the ashes and the destruction of the evil that resides in the human heart…

Often times I wonder why this detour called “The fall of man” was necessary in God’s total plan for mankind…. I believe that the answer lies in what happened in the Garden of Eden and our being deceived by Satan…and Adam-and-Eve making a decision to eat from the ‘tree of the knowledge of good and evil’… When prior to this action the only thing Adam & Eve seemed to be aware of was good… Or maybe they didn’t really know about good because we hadn’t experienced evil and had nothing to compare it to… I guess some things cannot be known this side of death…. So we remain betwixt and between…….Sincerely, Frank Payton

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