This is introductory by design…. And only intended for the moment, to provoke further study and thought…. Reflections of reading the words of Gordon C. Olsen… and his fabulous book…THE ENTRANCE OF SIN INTO THE WORLD… Interjections thoughts and ideas by me…Frank Payton…

A deeper study of man’s relationship to God and his fellow human beings, needs to be rightly and not lightly undertaken… This undertaking is for spiritual soldiers, and not for those that half heartedly, or lazily enter the study….” A wise person is one that wins souls”… Proverbs 11:30 Proverbs 23:15…. These are the Words by the Holy Spirit about ‘wise’ people… I believe what the Holy Spirit means is that a person must BE ‘wise’ to win souls… And that the soul winner is not necessarily ‘wise’…. I think the use of the word wise here could be interpreted as being enlightened or extremely ‘informed’… As Olson says….” A person must know something to be a co-agent with the Holy Spirit in soul winning.”….. & “Yet we must always remember, that none of us ever really knows enough to have a justifiable pride.”…. This is so important, as it seems to me in my life and experience, it is very easy for a person to become prideful over the little bit that they manage to know and understand about this life… I have found that the more you learn, the more there is to learn…

Sometimes it seems that a lot of very spiritual men….when they don’t really have an answer, will make ‘statements’ to not answer difficult questions like….”Take it by faith.”… & per Olson quote “As if faith was trying to embrace intellectually something you do not understand”…. I am firmly convinced, God has an honest satisfying answer for every honest ‘why‘… But no answers for any rebellious ‘why’s….had Bertrand Russell met Mr.Olson, he would have obtained satisfying answers to his ‘supposed’ hard or impossible questions, concerning omniscience and the origin of sin.

The student needs to connect John 6:44 with John 6:45 and realize that it is ‘truth’ that God uses to enlighten, influence, and draw men to Christ (Olson pg.4 of his book)… Man’s problem is not just his will, but that his will must be guided by an enlightened intellectual being influenced by the Holy Spirit.. Per Charles Grandison Finney, “It is the soul winners job to tear all the sinner’s hiding places down.” and also “Take sides with God against sin.”…Per Olson….” Theo logians, psychologists, and now the sociologists, have made some monstrous alibis and hiding places for sinners, by portraying man as pathetic instead of guilty….we need to wake up out of our modern technological comfort zones, put our phones down, and prepare for potentially deadly spiritual battle….. It is my opinion that the media, our government, Hollywood and many other influences, have turned us into a nation of zombies for the most part, especially the young… And I have nothing against the young… personally I blame the universities in our educational system, and the commie infiltration of western thought…….Sincerely, Frank Payton…more later…

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