Well I was just sitting here minding my own business and I had a ‘Slingblade movie’ flashback…. So mind you this is just a parody…. And no physical harm is intended for those mentioned…

Now in my most superior, most impressive Slingblade character’s voice….Well…. I was just sitting here thinking about the English language… I’m thinking about how difficult it can be for half wit idiot like me…uh hmmm….( rubbing my hands like a rat that just found a chunk of cheese)… About how difficult it can be trying to speak properly…for instance…. Take the word INDICATIVE…. it can be pronounced different ways…. some people say…INDAKAYTIVE ….. I guess I like saying it ‘this a way’..INDAKAYTIVE…. But I guess that just supports the fact that I’m a moron…uh hmmmm…

And then I was out in my garage working on my lawn mower….( By the way I have a small engine repair business) And I got to thinking about some of these ass wipe politicians that we have in Washington DC…. My father who used to teach me in a little shed giving me my Bible lessons, he would keep me up-to-date on the political scene…. But I screwed that relationship up, my dad pissed

me off one day & I hit him in the head with a shovel…. He was hospitalized for ‘near on’ 2 weeks but he finally came out of it…. Anyway back to some of these sorry ass politicians… I look at somebody like Adam Schiff…. And I’m thinking that if he lived up here on the mountain with me, I’d probly kick his a** every day, just to see if I could knock his eye balls normal…. He always looks to me like somebody has stuck their thumb in ass… You know with no lubrication whatsoever…. uh hmmmm..

And then I look at somebody like Nancy Pelosi…. The way she flails her hands around is so distracting…. I understand she’s from a crime family that got famous in Chicago or somewheres….uh hmmmm… I’d really like to bitch slap her, and knock those ugly false teeth right out of her head…

Then you look at a monster like Chuck Schumer…. Somehow I see him getting a karmic payback like in a certain scene in the movie “Deliverance”…. You know the one with the mountain man and Ned Beatty…. It would serve Chuck duly right after all the shit he’s pulled….

And then we come to Barack Obama…. and that full grown man he calls his wife…. I never met a man with a penis that could have babies….uh hmmmm…. My personal opinion is that they’re both gay as the day is long… And that the children were some kind of loan deal for political purpose of… But remember I’m just a moron so I don’t know if that’s true or not… Anyway I think that’s enough for now I got lawn mowers to work on….Sincerely, Karl Childers…..spoof by…..Frank Payton…

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