I’ve been thinking about the media alot lately, its purpose, function, and usefulness…. Now please understand, I have a fairly good understanding of human nature.. of politics… of progress… of the history of domineering evil people that want to control the world… After all I am a big fan of Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, and one of the most elegant writers IMHO ever, Oscar Wilde, ( If you don’t quite get this try reading “The Portrait of Dorian Gray”)… only to mention a few that have thoroughly entertained me over the years…let’s not forget Mark Twain…. Anyway…

I understand that we live in the information age, I understand that you can tap into Google and find virtually anything you want to find… But what is it exactly that you’re finding…. I find that the media is obsessed with impressions, ratings, which are directly tied to their paychecks, bias, lies and manipulation… And even if they know the truth & have a desire to speak the truth, most are easily persuaded to lie… especially if someone has offered them money to promote a certain point of view, that they either may agree or disagree with… I don’t think it matters to most of them… It’s all an opportunity…can you say Jim Acosta?….

So I ask to the normal person, “Of what real use is the media as it currently presents itself”… It presents itself as somebody’s agenda… Somebody wanting to influence the masses, pushing their selfish ambitions and dreadful desires… Saying they will do wonderful things, only to pull a bait and switch, which usually ends up in death and destruction.

I guess I’m an idealist…. The news in my humble opinion should be presented as factual as possible, without any thrown in personal beliefs or bias ( but this would be bland & not very sensational).. I realize these are the thoughts of a dreamer… And I guess I’m a dreamer, in even beginning to think that there could be fairness in this corrupt cruel world.. Where most people unfortunately are impressed not to think for themselves, told that they can’t think for themselves, and that they must listen to a government or elitists, to tell them how they need to live and what they need to do….ie: Nancy Pelosi…

So except for a few people on a few TV stations… I have very little use for the media… Of course I want to know basically what is going on in the world… Yet I realize that I have to decipher what is being put before me… People in general and especially Americans are best when they think for themselves… use their God-given abilities to examine what is going on in & around them in this wacko world… Here I go again preaching, but I must say… It is all really rather simple, we are caught up in a struggle between good and evil, and the evil manifests in all kinds of horrible, heinous people, and their sick agendas… We must be weary of people like the Clintons…the Obamas…. The Bidens… Kamala Harris…. and a list too long to present here, most of them on the democratic side of the aisle, and some on the Republican side…. I have found that the media is anybody’s dog that will pay them enough money to spread propaganda for them…. So be careful of the media.. Enough for now, although much more needs to be said……Sincerely, Frank Payton….

Chris Wallace…a perfect example of the treachery that has bscome THE MEDIA…

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