In my first post just a short time ago, about the ‘unseen hand’ being Jack and his conservative trolling minions… I have some further thoughts and here they are… I was just lying here being sincere with myself, and thinking it’s not my followers dwindling that really bothers me so much…. It’s not that there have been streaks since my joining Twitter in November of 2017 where I was getting 100 followers A-day… And that sounds pretty good, but I know there are others on Twitter that have done far better and deservedly so… My thought process continues that my real concern is about being constantly harassed and punished by the Twitter trolls under Jack’s supervision… I can’t help but wonder how many people that are closet conservatives and need to hear the voices that are on our unique thread, & are not hearing these voices because of trolling and people being suspended that should never be suspended..(IMHO)… I have been on this thread and have noticed many, many others on this thread that have been here since November and earlier than November of 2017… I’ve heard other people tweet that this is truly amazing…. And I am glad to be part of it… I don’t know if being on this thread for 3 years is truly amazing and it doesn’t really concern me so much… I’m just mentioning what many others have said to me through their posts…. So I think those of us on this thread that have stood up for Trump and backed him no matter what,will soon reap the rewards of The Donald being re elected on November 3rd 2020 or thereabouts….@FrankPayton13…& littleraventhepoet.blog…. And I want all to know that it’s not really my style to promote myself in this way….. I like many of you am just sick and tired of really trying to help other people, and seeing it all stripped away, slowly but surely… This is a winnable war and I plan on being on the right side of history….Sincerely, Frank Payton

Unusual split tree up here on the Appalachian trail in Virginia…

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