Let’s take a look at an age old subject, that is…What about politics in church life, and in the life of a believer?… I am a firm believer that church life should include dealing with political issues and where a Christian stands on the big issues… We can’t run and hide…

At the same time in our discussion let’s mix in, What about the church in the political arena?…. Of course I’m aware of the supposed separation of church and state… But let’s put that aside for a bit…

Is there a stage, is there a need, is there a platform, for church life & belief systems to be talked about and added into the politics of the day?

I’m not sure, but I think it’s a possibility…. Of course there is a really good chance that it would bring further division… Then again there might be a fairly good chance that it could bring people together…. All religions and belief systems would have to be acknowledged… Which might in itself lead to chaos…. Then again who knows…. It really comes down to people’s willingness to change…

Perhaps if people were taught and made aware that God has been ‘in’ all of human history from the beginning, is currently active in human history, and will be active in future history… And at least putting forth what God has said about politics in the past, from ancient history, up until now… And what is prophesied for the end times… People of course don’t have to believe in it…. As many wouldn’t…. But at least there would be a heightened awareness about it…. Even as I’m writing this and thinking about it…. it dawns on me that man is on a collision course in dealing with the issues of faith, & the on going struggle between good and evil… Also the culmination of this age and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ….

It also just dawned on me that the effort to bring politics, and religion, and belief systems together would be futile… Humanity has a date with God and his plan to deal with our fallen natures…Our separation from Him…anyway…. In conclusion it has always seemed to me that there is a giant hole in our politics, when God is left out, but then again I’m an idealistic old school American… Seems I remember there was a time, particularly at the foundation of America, when God was included in our politics…. Seems that has declined to near nothing…. As our politicians seem to be h*** bent on proving that they can be our gods……Sincerely, Frank Payton….note…. This post was inspired by the wonderful performance of our vice president Mr. Mike Pence…. who conducted himself in a professional God acknowledging way…. Good job Mr. Vice president….

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