Thinking this morning about God’s creative power… in particular his speaking everything into existence… out of nothing…EX NIHILO…

My thought process has gone like this so far… And I find it quite a challenge to express how God was so powerful that when He spoke…”Things became”…or “were”…. And it seems these things ‘became’ out of no pre existing material but out of eternal material…ie: Let there be light…and so on

So… consider this…. The closest I can come with what I know of this material world, is to compare God’s power to nuclear power… As I was thinking about how powerful nuclear explosions can be and how devastating and effective they are….. I was thinking if God’s spoken Word is something along those lines, except it would be in a perfectly controlled constructive manner instead of destructive… What do YOU think…. More later, I’m going for a walk with my dog….Maddie…littleraventhepoet.blog…Sincerely,Frank Payton

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