Virtually everything that Congress puts forth is a “PIG IN A POKE”…. Negotiations for a second stimulus ‘Check‘….just another ‘pig in a poke’…

The Confirmation Hearings of Amy Coney Barrett… The horror and injustice of Mazie Hirono’s questions… Mazie is the epitome of a ‘pig in a poke’…. Except she is a pig in a big salad bowl of pineapples, that have been left out in the Hawaiian Sun for too long….

Dick Durbin…. His questioning of Amy Coney Barrett…. Well let’s put it this way, it’s the most civil I’ve ever seen this man conduct himself… Let’s call him a ‘pig in a civil poke’….

Mr.Blumenthal…. His usual dark hearted, low class, attempt to destroy someone that is absolutely wonderful, that is one…Amy Coney Barrett… Mr. Blumenthal missed his calling, he could have been the ultimate Dracula… He also could have made a fortune being a salesman at a discount casket outlet store… Let’s call him a ‘pig in a coffin’…

Dianne Feinstein… I’ve never seen this woman without a strong desire to send her for a complete do over… especially her hair, She could have been Aunt Bee on the Andy Griffith show… However Aunt Bee was much easier on the eyes… Dianne Feinstein reminds me of a burlap bag covering a frame of rickety rackety old bones, topped off with a horrible hair do… Let’s call her a ‘pig in a burlap bag.’

Perhaps I will do ‘Part 2’ and ‘wrap’ the rest of the pigs in the pig pen, that is Washington DC….littleraventhepoet.blog..Frank Payton.

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