To white rusted toilets in a rural wood, And sorry I could not sit them both And be one pooper,  britches down I stood, I sat on one as long as I could, Until my bowels began to growl;

Then I looked upon the other, As I combed my hair, yet I couldn’t make a change, Because I had soiled my underwear, As for the rust upon them there, It had corroded them about the same,

And both before me that morning stayed, In rust that was turning them both eventually black, Oh, I shall remember the first on another day! Yet seeing the wood was most always gray, I most likely would never come back.

I might recount the story as I cry, Probably leaning on an old wooden fence; Two white rusted toilets in a rural wood, see I– Pooped in the one less rusted, my… But for the life of me, I don’t think it made much difference…….Frank Payton

A spoof on THE ROAD NOT TAKEN… By the unbelievable great one….Robert Frost.

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